MYLumineyes®Eye Center

  • Teamwork: We are a collegial, productive, and collaborative community
  • Caring: We are respectful and compassionate
  • Innovation: Our curiosity drives innovation and the quest for knowledge
  • Integrity: Our ethics are built on openness, honesty, and trust

Our Story

Nearly a decade ago, the world’s leading vision correction experts and laser vision technology innovators got together and formed an advisory group to help the public better understand their vision correction options. . Through our educational programs, we help people like you make informed choices about the thing that really matters to us—improving the way people see the world better and also in beatiful colors!

Meet the Team

As mylumineyes eye center under the direction of dr.mustafa mete, it is our constant goal to go beyond the developments in the world.

dr.mustafa mete

Op.Dr.Mustafa Mete

Founder & CEO

Founder of MYLumineyes laser technique